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Among aluminium alloys for high speed automatic lathes, 2030 and 2007 have the highest mechanica-l characteristics.
This alloy is the most often selected when it is required to have a good combination of machinability and high mechanical properties. It has low corrosion resistance; therefore it is recommended to have a protective anodizing of finished products.

Main applications:
screws, bolts, nuts, threaded bars.

By the present we certify that all rods and bars made by Eural Gnutti S.p.A. in alloy EN AW-2007, in both extruded or drawn conditions, fully comply to all requirements of chemical composition and mechanical properties of the alloy EN AW-2030, according to standards EN 573, EN 754, EN 755, and therefore they can substitute and be used when the alloy EN AW-2030 is specified.

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